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TestDaF German course –

quick & easy to C1

With these 35 videos & 110 exercises you will pass the testdaf exam  – including preparation for the digital testdaf exam.

What will you learn in the testdaf course?

  • All the German grammar you need to reach up from level B2 to C1
  • All you need to know about the testdaf exam in detail
  • Tipps & tricks how to prepare best

Learn online

No need to squeeze in course times in your calender – finish the lessons whenever you want.


All details about the testdaf exam

We show you in detail what to expect at the exam, how it works and how to succeed.


Pimp your German grammar

Learn the important Grammar rules to gain the C1 German level.


Training is the key

Consolidate your learnings immediately with more than 110 exercises.


Be independent and secure

Learn the content with videos and explanatory material. Check your success with solutions to the exercises.


Your mother tongue is important - but not for your course success

You can make progress quickly and easily with German, regardless of your native language. We designed it that way.

All you need to perform great at the testdaf.

Speak academic German

The testdaf exam gives you access to study at German universities.

Focus on the skills you really need

Focus on the German skills you really need at the testdaf exam.

Study when and where you want

You can use the course on all devices (Smartphone, Tabet, Laptop, PC).

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Paper based?

Start today.

You know when you take the testdaf exam? Check here for exam dates.

Alisa Henry, BA

Testdaf examiner in Manchester: “Together with the testdaf.org course the students are getting very profound at the testdaf exam.”

“I did a good job at the testdaf, and a great deal of the preparation was with this online course. Good choice!”

Amalia Norrez

“German grammar wasn’t easy for me, but with this course I finally understood it. Thanks a lot!”

Amy White

“Deutsch funktioniert jetzt so gut, dass ich auf der Universität angenommen wurde. Super Kurs!”

Ali Elfeshawi

Don't Miss Out!

The digital testdaf is out now! Prepare yourself soon enough with details about how to be successful in the digital test version. In our course we explain how it works!